Sunday, September 30, 2012

Literacy Give-away

I 'd like to invite you to visit Creation Castle's blog to sign up for a great give-away of literacy resources!

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Disadvantaged and Under-achieving Students

I teach at a Title 1 school.  Many of our students come from difficult circumstances.  We are always looking for strategies to help boost these kids and give them a better chance at being successful in school and in life.   Below is a list of little things that can make a big difference.

Disadvangated and Under-achieving Children
1.  Disadvantage and under-achieving children need more time on task.
2.  Structure and routines are vital for their sense of safety, nourishment, and care.
3.  Disadvantaged and under-achieving children need background knowledge.  Do not assume they have a great deal of background knowledge or conceptual knowledge.
4.  Disadvantaged and under-achieving children do not have a strong oral language foundation.  Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary!
5.  Disadvantaged and under-achieving children need more intensity and multiple practices.
6.  Disadvantaged and under-achieving children are highly distractible. Maximizing learning begins with minimizing distractions.
7.  Disadvantaged and under-achieving children need a lot of feedback.

And this from a Solution Tree pamphlet: “At the center of learning is uncompromised, no-nonsense literacy instruction.”