Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Unicorn's Quest

I just finished reading The Unicorn's Quest by Jonathan Soule to my
class.  (PublishAmerica 2006 -Paperback 185 pages ISBN 1424124913).  
I have read it to my class each year for the past four years or so and the
kids love it every year.  I was introduced to this book through a colleague
who personally knows the author.  The book is not widely published, but
it is definitely worth the time to find it.  It is set in the fantastical world of
Tanzal, which is engulfed in a battle between good and evil. The main
character is Alyssa, who is drawn into this world and this battle along with
her brother Brett, during a juxtaposition between Earth and Tanzal.  There
are, throughout the book, a few spelling and grammatical errors, but the
story is so engaging that the errors can be over looked.  We invite Jonathan
Soule to visit our third graders every year and talk about the story, the
 process of writing, andwhere his inspiration came from.  There are a
whole lot of young fans (and some older ones) anxiously awaiting
the sequel to this exciting story!

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